MISSION STATEMENT: Whoop Dee Doo's mission is to encourage creative collaboration and a respect for diversity through inclusive, nonconventional programming.

Whoop Dee Doo is a non-profit community arts initiative. We are a group of artists who travel the globe making live variety shows, workshops, and installations of all different scales. Whoop Dee Doo works with kids and community members to create unique and memorable events that challenge the everyday art venue or community event. We emphasize the importance of true collaboration and strive to create a concept and end product that fits the needs of the community in which we temporarily reside.

Overall, we create community art that truly utilizes the community, and is also exceptional contemporary art. We create a cross-generational and cross-cultural dialogue, and strive to break down stereotypes and barriers between age, gender, culture and sub-culture. Our process strives to form and foster unique collaborations between unlikely pairings of community members that ultimately blossom into exceptional and meaningful interactions. Everything Whoop Dee Doo does is a truly inclusive endeavor, celebrating differences and unabashed self-expression.

We welcome all requests for performances and workshops. We generally pair up with Museums, galleries, festivals and other arts organizations to create special programs to fit the needs of the organization. Our projects greatly range in scale, and we generally bring with us 5-15 artists and reside for 4-20 days. Please email us if you would like to discuss a potential upcoming project.

Whoop Dee Doo has worked with several youth programs including Caldera Arts (Portland/Sisters, OR), Operation Breakthrough (Kansas City), the Boys & Girls Club (Kansas City), Big Brother/Big Sister (Kansas City), Girls, Inc. (Omaha, NE), Experimental Station’s Blackstone Bicycle youth Program (Chicago, IL), Urgent, Inc. and the Rites of Passage Program (Miami, FL), Muse 360 and 901 arts (Baltimore, MD), as well as college interns at the University of Central Missouri, Pacific Northwest College of Art, the Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Chicago, Maryland Institute College of Art, Rockhurst University, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.